Restrictions (do’s & don’ts)

About Country Club Gardens Covenants (deed restrictions)

Most of the residential lots Country Club Gardens subdivision are legally encumbered with restrictive covenants filed at the time the various plats (each plat includes a few contiguous lots) in the subdivision were filed following city approval. These covenants are enforceable under the law. Different plats filed often included restrictive covenants that varied somewhat from one plat to another.

Although all the restrictive covenants are not identical, all read much the same. They were intended to protect the values of the neighborhood to perpetuity. As legally allowed, a broad set of amendments to most of the existing covenants were voted upon and filed in 1999. It is noted that even where no covenants were filed at to a plat, residential restrictions of the City of Blue Springs are applicable.

Resident owners are required to maintain and use their property in accordance with the specific covenants that apply to the lot they own. In those limited areas where no restrictive covenants exist, residents are urged for their economic and aesthetic good to follow the spirit and intent of any neighboring lot covenants.

All presented here are for reference only; the legal document is available only as filed at the Jackson County Recorder of Deeds office.

Sub-division map

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Covenants A lots 1- 22

Covenants AA lots 23 – 29

Covenants C lots 30 – 35

Covenants E lots 86 – 98

Covenants F lots 99 – 130

Covenants G lots 131 – 162

Covenants H lots 163 – 181

Covenants K lots 199 – 231

Covenants L lots 232 – 252

Covenants M lots 253 – 288, 294 , 301 – 308

Covenants N lot 298

Covenants O lots 309 – 315, 317 – 319, 321 – 330, 332 – 335

Covenants R lots 418 – 481

Covenants S lots 482 – 487

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