Meeting with Great Life LLC, new owners of Country Club



Flash!  We’ve been notified that a new, read new, manager has been appointed for the golf club.  His name is Larry Marshall.  we are scheduled to meet with the new manager as well as the regional manager for Great Life & Fitness in early April.  Stay tuned.


On Tuesday, 3-7, HOA president Jill Oswald brought her board of directors to an informal meeting with Chris. As has been disclosed earlier, Great Life and Fitness, the LLC owner of nine other courses, has purchased our golf course and facilities. He shared the various plans ownership has for the immediate and long range future of the club and discussed issues that were common to both the ownership and our HOA. To date there’s been no formal opening, but for the time being the golf course is open for business.

The ownership plans to open a fitness center later this year, to be open 24/7, probably where the Pro shop is located now. This is a growing trend, recently featured in the Wall Street Journal, with a view to bring more non golfers to an attractive country club setting. The Pro shop will move into the main clubhouse in place of the south dining room. Food service will continue soon; a new chef has been hired and a menu is being developed.

A new golf cart fleet is under order and should arrive by early April. Boxes and tees will be overhauled soon. While the course is open to the public, ownership is subscribing golfing members with a long range view of making it private again. “The Nineteenth Hole” area in the locker area will be resumed with warmer weather. An all-tournament kickoff party is planned for April 5.

We have had a long time, symbiotic relationship with the various owners of the country club. As a golf course community a functional and attractive country club is critical. This HOA has worked to keep the adjacent homes compliant with property covenants and city codes. We share the common ground that is Club Drive, the front entrance to both the Gardens neighborhood and the Country Club. During the meeting we hammered out details of how to share efforts of maintaining this median and the iconic flag pole. We agreed that ownership news and promotions that would be of interest to Gardens residents would be broadcast via email and or web site.

Ms. Oswald and mgr. Chris Fore

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Country club Sold!

Effective 12-31-2016 our namesake country club was sold to a group named “Great Life Golf and Fitness Club“.   This is a regional company already operating golf courses and fitness centers in the heartland.  One located nearby is the Drum Farm golf course.  It is understood that this is a well run, well intentioned company.  Will provide more news about this transition soon.

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Twitter, anyone?


There may be needs to get CCGardens messages out rapidly; important reminders, news such as a rash of vandalism, thefts, street closings etc.  Some events have a short shelf life but need communicating.  It has been suggesting that the best format for such information is indeed Twitter.  Some of us aren’t too in tune with this social media phenomenon but some of our younger or savvier neighbors use it regularly.

To facilitate this avenue of spreading information we’ve created apps on our site that allow following (aka “liking”)  on both Facebook and Twitter.  If you are into Google +, Reddit, Pintarest, or Linked in, we’ve linked those as well.  If you don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account, or any of the other social media, rest assured they are free to download and fairly easy to use.  By following us, you’ll be sure to receive breaking news that could be important to you.  You can also share the news with a friend or relative.






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Whole foods grocer to request preliminary plat changes along Shaw

Flash!  We’ve recently learned that the developer for this grocer/retail area has withdrawn.   No further details are offered by the city councilmen who told us this news.


GH Development Inc. has applied for a redevelopment hearing that would tear down the old and troubled motel at Shaw and Jefferson and replace it with a grocer and restaurant area.  The architect drawing shows a relocation of the entrance to Jefferson and create two entrances along Shaw. The 38,000 foot development of shops and parking would contain the grocer, 30,000 ft., and two eating facilities of 5,000 and 3,000 resp.

CCGHOA is studying this proposal and will attend whatever hearings are scheduled as the process phases into the city approval process.  AT this time we see it as a better alternative to the very old hotel presently there.  We remain concerned that adequate attention is given to alleviate traffic and parking issues the development may create.Redevelopmet along Shaw

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CCGHOA to have active Facebook presence


Ms. Linda Webb

Ms. Linda Webb

Ms. Linda Webb, Dana Dr. resident, has volunteered to actively

respond to Facebook invitations. As a past president of the HOA Ms. Webb is very well acquainted with the neighborhood. She is experienced in Facebook development and is associated with sites from other organizations. With the communications provided by Facebook, our association should provide increased communications abilities.

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Large appliance disposal


has  located a service that will come to a home and pick up large appliances.  Water  heaters, ranges, stoves, washers and dryers, dishwashers etc.  He prefers at least two items.

Call Rick Golden @ 520-6215.

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