About us

CCGHOA Board of Directors

President                Jill Oswald               816 229 1257

Vice President        Bob Groh                 816 228 6402

Secretary                Marlene Crowley     816 229 1818

Treasurer                Jim Knoche              816 229 0793

Member-at-large    Ann Gibson              816 229 2616

Member-at-large    Ron Mayernik          816 220 0403

Member-at-large    Robert Taylor           816-809-7603

Member-at-large    Jerry Witherspoon    816-229-3554

Member-at-large    Melissa Egy               816-229-0999



Please send us your email address

If you have chosen not to subscribe, we would greatly appreciate having your email address.  It gives us a quick and direct way to reach you with important information. Your email address is solely for the use of the homeowners association and will not be sold or shared with others. Our email Address is countryclubgardens@gmail.com. Click on the link to send us an email.
The Country Club Home Owners Association represents the entire Country Club Gardens subdivision and we would like to have each of you as a member. Our annual dues are only $75.00. If you are a member annual enrollment period for existing members is  July 1st through 31st. If you are not presently a member, we hope you will consider adding your support by joining.

The Association is governed by:

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